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A newly launched Bitcoin casino platform has taken an active stand against the rising number of cases related to cheating., as the casino is titled, has integrated sharp provably fair bitcoin casino policies on its new online platform. The feature, according to the US casino, is dedicated to players looking for an honest and transparent platform. It added:

“We offer games which don’t just have stunning graphics and sharp sound effects and are handpicked by the team, but are also fair.” assures the players logging on to their website with the knowledge that their gaming sessions will be fair. The casino believes that the prior knowledge of the results being unaltered makes the process of gambling even more enjoyable.

The quest to provide a fair platform has led to make the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology into every round that is played, a priority. The process of setting up safeguards to make an online casino provably fair is incredibly complex, but it was still undertaken because the owners of felt it was important that players feel comfortable with the functions of their favourite games.

Provability is an easy concept to comprehend. To make games provably fair, a random number generator which is certified by an independent organization is used to come up with a result. After the random number is produced, it is then “hashed” with a secret number also created by the algorithm.

Once the random number and secret number have been hashed, the result is then referred to as the “fingerprint”. The fingerprint is unique and there can be no other like it.

To further maintain the transparency, will show you all of the factors that contributed to your results – the random number generated, the secret number, and even the fingerprint that was created. widget or a third party tool can be used to check if the algorithm is functioning properly or not.

The prioritization of the implementation of the provability goes to show that the casino truly cares about its customer experience. In a day and age where the market is flooded with bitcoin casinos, it is up to the customers to choose the right one to. A casino like, which honours its customers—and backs this up with solid data.

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