Narcotics, Weapons, And Counterfeit Money Found In German’s Apartment


A 28-year-old man from Stuttgart, Germany stood before court for possessing large amounts of narcotics, counterfeit money, and weapons in his apartment. According to police information, all illegal goods were ordered from the dark web.

The case started in 2016 when the suspect bought a kilogram of marijuana from a dark web vendor “River 87”, the defendant confessed. Meanwhile, the dark net supplier has been convicted, and is currently doing his time in Kempten. The narcotics originated from the Netherlands and “from an underground plantage in Northern-Germany”. The accused claimed that he only sold small amounts of the marijuana, to his friend, who he was doing business with, sold the larger part of the shipment.

The 28-year-old also added that he bought two fake identification cards (150 euros each) from the dark net to make the drug supply safe. He used the fake documentation to set up packing stations at a post office, so the narcotics could be delivered there.

Law enforcement authorities raided the defendant’s apartment in Neugereut, Stuttgart on July 8, 2016. Police seized several kilograms of marijuana, more than a kilogram of cocaine, bags of ecstasy pills, a revolver, a Kalashnikov replica, blank firing weapons, and seven counterfeit 50 euro bills. When officials questioned the accused about the fake euro notes, he told authorities that he bought each for nine euros per piece. Also, he added, that he did not put them in circulation because of quality issues. According to his statement, he used one note to light a cigarette and made a “cool” picture of it.

When presiding judge Rainer Gless asked the suspect why he bought the narcotics, he could not answer clearly. The 28-year-old told him that “he asks himself the same question each day”, but he certainly did not do it for the money. He started ordering drugs from the dark web since he was curious. According to the suspect, the quality of the narcotics on the dark side of the internet were much better there than on the streets. After a while, a friend wanted larger quantities. During his trade on the dark net, the 28-year-old befriended River 87.

According to official court documents, the defendant moved to Stuttgart with his mother from Lübeck in 2000. The level at the Stuttgart Gymnasium was higher than at his home town, and was too high for him. The 28-year-old attended the Hauptschule shortly, where he managed to complete his mature exam. He also started fishing in Stuttgart. However, later, he started using speed and cocaine.

After a failed business training, the 28-year-old fought with panic and anxiety attacks. According to the accused’s statement, he gave up drugs shortly after. However, he was already dependent on benzodiazepines, which he took for his fears. The suspect had to give up competitive hockey because of his life issues.

The court trial is expected to be continued on January 25.

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