Privacy-Centric Cryptocurrency Cloakcoin Integrates into BlockPay Platform


Private cryptocurrency system Cloakcoin recently announced that it is integrating into Blockpay.

The European startup, which rose to fame for its no-nonsense policies against financial surveillance, has already taken anon market by storm by offering a highly privatised, secure and decentralised cryptocurrency ecosystem. Specifically in times when Bitcoin’s much-talked-about anonymity has been disproved by the constant judicial crackdowns of underground marketplaces. Cloakcoin, on the other hand, has proved to be consistent when it comes to providing a secure transaction route to all its users.

And now, with its partnership with Blockpay, a digital currency-based payment processing service, Cloakcoin aims to multiply its presence among consumers, as well as merchants. And the decision might just hit the bull’s eye.

Blockpay has already made itself a name after delivering the advantages of credit card payment systems to the digital currency community. As known to everybody, Bitcoin had always lagged the loyalty point infrastructure, a feature that is considered to be the most attractive asset of credit card companies.

What Blockpay did since its inception is to bring this loyalty reward point service to digital currency holders. So any merchant doing business in the digital currencies listed at Blockpay can not only boost his/her sales, but can also provide his/her clients the opportunity to earn attractive points on each sale.

That being said, Cloakcoin users can now spend the tokens more securely, and in return can earn something more. Moreover, the integration between the two parties also enable Cloakcoin merchants to generate automatic eReceipts. The anonymous payment system, therefore, has now become more attractive than ever.

“We are proud to announce our integration into the well known BLOCKPAY POS (point of sales) system,” said Cloakcoin representative. “BlockPay runs Standalone (“Blockpay S” as a free App) or Integrated with existing systems (e.g. Odoo, SAP, Shopkeep, NCR), and is available worldwide in 44 languages and growing fast.”

To know more about Cloakcoin and its services, please visit this link.

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