Bitcoin Unlimited Starts To Outpace SegWit Support


It appears another plot twist looms on the horizon when it comes to the ongoing battle between Bitcoin unlimited and Segregated Witness. As of right now, the majority of blocks found on the network favor BU over SegWit, after the two had been neck-in-neck for most of the week. Although this change can easily be attributed to variance, it goes to show either solution will have a difficult time to get activated on the network moving forward.

BU and SegWit Continue to One-up Each Other

There is a fair bit of wishful thinking involved when it comes to reading charts displaying support for alternative bitcoin solutions. In the case of Bitcoin Unlimited, there has been a lot of wishful thinking over the past few months, despite the support for this solution seems to grow over time. Earlier this week, mining pool support for both Bitcoin Unlimited and SegWit seemed to be virtually identical.

Earlier today, it became the apparent support for BU is outpacing SegWit all of a sudden. In most cases, one could shrug this off as variance and getting a lucky streak. Then again, it appears some miners are shifting between mining pools right now. It is unclear if they are favoring a pool supporting Unlimited over SegWit, though. As these switches occur, the variance may favor either solution over the other all of a sudden, while it doesn’t have to mean anything significant.

One always has to wonder how many people would have to switch from SegWit to BU or vice versa, making the graphs shift in the first place. Considering how Unlimited is gaining more support, and SegWit seems to be stagnating, it can’t be just one miner dictating the race right now. However, it will take a fair amount of miners to make any significant changes moving forward

For the time being, the battle between Bitcoin Unlimited and SegWit continues and will remain a problem for quite some time to come. Either solution needs to activate on the network sooner rather than later, as this block size issue has gone on for quite some time now. With the mining community still divided on this front, it is doubtful any sort of compromise will be found anytime soon.

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