Creditbit Team Does the Groundwork to Make It the Most Widely Used Cryptocurrency


Creditbit is a worthy contender for many altcoins currently in the market. The relatively new cryptocurrency with ten times faster transaction times than Bitcoin and 1 minute block time presents itself as an ideal digital currency for payments.

With the cryptocurrency still gaining widespread adoption, the creators of Creditbit have already made enough arrangements to offer adequate opportunities for its community members to use CRBITs. To start paying with CRBITs, people will have to buy the tokens first. Thankfully, the tokens are already available on multiple exchange platforms. Cryptocurrency community members can buy CRBIT tokens from Bittrex, LiveCoin, YoBit, C-CEX, Cryptopia, Bloombit, and Bitsquare platforms.

Once the community members get their CRBITs, they can either hold on to it, trade against other cryptocurrencies or use it to buy goods and services from merchants accepting the digital currency. The community members can now use Creditbit at over 31,500 places of businesses across 174 different countries. These numbers are from CoinPayment network alone. CoinPayment is a multi-coin merchant payment processor that supports a range of cryptocurrencies and CRBIT happens to be one among them.

Apart from CoinPayments network, other processors accept CRBITs as well, which pushes the number of merchants even higher. Creditbit is expected to create a list all the merchants accepting CRBIT payments, either independently or through third-party payment processors to make it easier for the community members to find them.

The cryptocurrency platform, in its pursuit to create the future of money is in the process of establishing a full-fledged ecosystem. Recently, the platform announced its plans to develop a proprietary exchange platform. The upcoming exchange platform will be operating alongside other supported centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency platforms.

Creditbit cryptotokens have been performing well lately. Thanks to the transparency and reliability of the platform, the number of people investing in it is gradually increasing. The increased demand is reflected by a twenty-fold increase in the cryptocurrency price within a span on 30 days.

In the current scenario, it won’t be a surprise if Creditbit emerges as the most favorable digital currency of all times for day-to-day transaction needs.

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