Creditbit Platform Builds its Brand with a New Logo


Creditbit cryptocurrency platform is announcing the launch of a new logo as part of its rebranding initiative.

Creditbit is taking the cryptocurrency community by a wave. The open source digital currency platform based on an MIT/X11 license presents itself as an alternative to Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin continues to struggle with scalability issues and increasing miner fees, Creditbit offers a solution that is free from such flaws. Bitcoin is the world’s largest and most successful cryptocurrency. Being a first mover, Bitcoin didn’t have the luxury to learn from other examples or forecast the potential problems it might face in the future.

Creditbit entered the market much later, and the development team behind it has addressed many issues faced by Bitcoin and other altcoins. At the same time, they are continuously working on new features to create a more stable and scalable platform. In the wake of increasing adoption and feature additions, Creditbit is also focusing on the platform’s branding, marketing, and promotions. It will help Creditbit create a market for the community, giving them an opportunity to use the cryptocurrency on a daily basis.

The newly designed logos are a part of Creditbit’s upcoming transition from the current PoS to its own Proof of Pawn (POP) distribution process. With the new distribution process, Creditbit will be doing away with mining, making it easier to use. The attractive logos offer the platform a much more professional look, which was long overdue.

The Creditbit platform is powered by CREDIT crypto tokens. The platform is currently capable of handling ten times more transactions per minute than Bitcoin network, with a block time of 1 minute.

The platform already has all the necessary infrastructure in place to create an entire ecosystem. In order to ensure the platform’s autonomy, Creditbit is currently working on a proprietary exchange platform. The new exchange platform will bridge the existing gap by reducing dependency on other centralized exchange platforms.

However, even after the new exchange platform is launched, Creditbit will continue to be available on other exchanges and trading platforms. In fact, it will also work on adding more exchanges to the list for the benefit of its community.

Learn more about Creditbit and its initiative on the platform’s official website.

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