CryptoBatesGroup Launches Ad-Free Cryptocurrency Faucet


Bitcoin faucets are the ideal place to collect free Bitcoin, but they are often covered with pop-ups and advertisements, frustrating the visitor and sometimes putting them off visiting faucet sites again. is a new take on the Bitcoin faucet. Driven by community donations, the site contains no pop-ups or advertisements while still providing precious coins. To claim free Bitcoin is a few clicks, confirming your email address and coin address. The founders’ hope that this approach will help cryptocurrency adoption by making it easier for newbies to get their first tokens.

To further help with cryptocurrency adoption, the website also hosts a newbie section containing guidance on topics including downloading wallets, encryption, security, mining and the blockchain. Links are provided to popular forums and websites that can provide further guidance.

CryptoGiveAways is the brainchild of bitcointalk members Androidicus and BatesResearch (Adam Rivzi), and is one of the many projects under Crypto Bates Group‘s umbrella. Other projects include Crypto VPS Hosting, Crypto Cloud Hosting for websites, Crypto Proxy, and a Datacoin information site, although some are not yet fully operational.

Notably, Adam Rivzi also the force behind CoinFest UK, which was the largest local CoinFest event last year. The decentralized convention is intended to help spread cryptocurrency adoption by annually hosting events for a 1-week period around the world, often overlapping and linked remotely by video/audio feed. Manchester is considered likely to be the largest event once again for CoinFest 2017, with hundreds of attendees.

CryptoGiveAways beta launched on January 28th with a small starting lineup of various cryptocurrencies. During beta, claims will be limited to 1,000 claims per 24 hour period, with the total current claims presented on the sites front page.

Following launch, the developers will use data collected from the site’s ledgers to enhance their automation and get them ready for complete automation of the site. With this in mind, all claims will be manually processed every few hours.

Over the coming months, CryptoGiveAways will reach out to the digital community to increase the number of cryptocurrencies present on the site. Being a donation driven project, CryptoGiveAways will host a donation hall of fame, showcasing the largest donations and the donor’s names or pseudonyms. If you want to be part of the revolution, please reach out to them [email protected]

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