Bitmain E3 Priced 1800 USD At Batch 2 And Accepted BTC/BCH Payment

Bitmain rolled out its much-anticipated Ethereum E3 on 3 April, which was priced aggressively at 800 USD. The first batch has various limitations like “Only BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and USD wire are accepted” and delivery only to non-China address. However, the batch 2 is priced at 1800 USD and the delivery restriction removed partially.
Rated at 180MH/S, the Antminer E3 doesn’t seem perform extraordinary. But the 800W power consumption has already outperformed GPU mining rigs in the market. It would require at least at least 9 GTX 1060 6GB, or 7 RX 580 8GB graphics card to generate the similar output, which will cost over 3,000 USD and 1,000W.
The first batch of E3 miner accepted BCH and USD wire only. But the second batch accepts BTC/ BCH/LTC and USD wire.
Other changes include the “one unit per user” is also modified to up to 5 units per user and delivery to Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan are now available. But Mainland China users are still blocked from purchasing the machines directly.

Priced at 800 USD, batch 1 E3 is generally considered a very progressive move. People are wondering why Bitmain is giving away such obvious benefits to the public. Now with 1800 pricing, the money-printer is worthy of weighing reward-risk.

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