A Tencent Programmer Claims to Hack Binance in One Week, and Asks For 1,000 Bitcoins as Reward

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges suffers further blow after it got hacked in early March.

A Chinese netizen, called “happiness of programmers”, wrote on Weibo last Friday that, “It is easy to attack bitcoin exchanges, including world’s top ten exchanges like Binance. It can be done within one week. We can make a big bet for 1,000 bitcoins. If we win, Binance should reward us 1,000 bitcoins; but if we lose, we will disappear from the public eye.” The man seems to declare a war on Binance.

He said it was a pure battle between himeself and Binance’s technical staff, and hoped the crypto exchange could take on the challenge.

“If Binance does not reply before March 20, it will be considered as a tacit approval. So we can legally attack the exchange, and control it for 24 hours. If we get it done, binance should reward us 1,000 bitcoins, otherwise, we will take special measures. Meanwhile, we promise that we will give all of vulnerability data to the exchange, and will never attack it and its partners since then.” The microblogger netizen said on March 16.

It is worth mentioning that the microblogger has an ID verification on Weibo, calling himself a “senior engineer of  Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd”. But after other netizens raised questions, the computer programmer quickly removed his verification, and clarified “It has nothing to do with Tencent”.

His initiative has made a big splash in China’s crypto circle and drawn attention from investors and blockchain players. The microblogger even created a group consisting of his supporters, and nearly 30 people have donated certain amounts of cryptocurrencies to him. In addition, he hoped the attempted attack on this popular cryptocurrency exchange which is predicted to take place on March 20 could be broadcast on live.

However, Binance team ignored his ridiculous requirement.

Actually, the reason behind the farce is quite simple: the microblogger missed the opportunity to join Binance because the bitcoin exchange’s CEO Zhao Changpeng did not reply his “cover letter” on Weibo several months ago. Thus he seems to take revenge.

He Yi, the other co-founder and CMO of Binance said in a wechat group that the man staged the farce was because he failed to join binance while finding a new job, and few company will hire such ‘crazy’ guy.”

What will happen to Binance on Tuesday remains to be seen. But this exchange has experienced a tough time since March. On March 7, Binance became the victim of a massive, well organized hack. A week later, Zhao Changpeng offered the equivalent of $250,000 ( paid in crypto coins) for information that leads to the legal arrest of the culprits behind the hack.

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