Yang Linke Posted a 2018 Work Plan of Bitcoin Diamond on Weibo

5 May, Yang Linke, Chinese community leader of Bitcoin Diamond (BTD), launched his future plans of work in 2018 on Weibo. Yang Linke stated that BTD is still the core of his work and the BTD team has started their new work year.

There are 3 main points in Yang’s BTD work plan. First of all, the top priority of this month, is to launch Bitcoin Diamond at all the exchanges in China and also provide the account charge and withdraw services. Yang Linke explained that, the whole BTD team definitely wanted to enable the users to trade their BTD assets, However, BTD haven’t been launched in many exchanges due to the scheduling problem. They are keeping urging those exchanges to launch BTD as soon as possible and Yang is calling for understanding from the BTD community.

Secondly, Yang Linke claims that, the developers at Bitcoin Diamond Foundation is gradually working on encryption privacy, and the new production will be launched in the third quarter.

Thirdly, the Bitcoin Diamond Foundation is also actively contacting oversea payment merchants and the third-party payment providers to promote them to support BCD payment.

In conclusion, Yang Link argues that, “even Bitcoin (BTC) has taken 10 years to become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. BTD still quiet young and I hope the Bitcoin Diamond community could work together to make Bitcoin Diamond a better Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a fork of Bitcoin that occurs at the predetermined height of block 495866 and a new chain gets generated as the BCD. It was launched in November 2017, its price started rising to reach a high of $103 on 25th of November and then dropped to finally tocuch a low under $10. That’s a big loss to the initial investors. Today’s price of BCD is $6.06 USD with gains of 7.22%.

BCD’s Chinese community leader Yang Linke, is also the former founder of BTCC, the first digital currency exchange in China. He is also the creator of ICO Coin. After Yang Linke posted his work plan at Weibo, his follower added hundreds of comments bellow. However most of comments are not very friendly. Early investors suffers from the big crush are so hostile towards Yang and ask him to stop cheating.

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