Jiang Zhuoer Quotes Jack Ma to Support Bitcoin Cash and Calls it Satoshi’s Bitcoin

Jiang Zhuoer this Thursday posted an article on 8btc that BCC is the only right way for big blockers to dominate the cryptocurrency world.

In the article, he cited Jack Ma’s speech at the Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development that most people see it first and then they believe it and very few people would believe first and then they see it happen.

Jiang believes that BCC is the real Bitcoin. He further revealed that he has a five-figure BCC and Wu Jihan has a six-figure BCC.

Wang Chuan, an independent investor who has 30,000 followers on Sina Weibo questioned that it’s unconvincing to say BCC is Bitcoin.

“The daily transaction volume of Bitcoin is 30 times larger than that of BCC. The average Bitcoin transaction fee is about two dollars to three dollars, which is acceptable to most users. Though BCC only costs about 10 cents, it is not convincing enough to say that BCC has a chance to dethrone Bitcoin. It would be like saying a secondary city doesn’t have the problem of traffic congestion, so its housing price will overshadow a metropolis.”

Jiang responded that the question is not that the metropolis has terrible traffic, the real question is that rulers of the city don’t think it is a problem. It’s a systemic problem.

Jiang Zhuoer noted that the current version of Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme without any values.

Some Bitcoin users criticized that Jiang always contradicts himself. When BCC first came out this August, Jiang said that he neither supported nor condemned BCC. But now he started to mislead the community claiming that BCC is Bitcoin, is real Satoshi. And just several days ago he boasted Segwit2X on Weibo.

In addition, some BCU holders said that they trusted Jiang and bought BCU on Bitfinex, but Jiang later abandoned BU and now they lost 90% of their investment.

Jiang clarified that:

“I support big block, but not a specific version. And I never abandoned BU, BU died from lack of hashrate and poor coding.”

A large part of those who commented the article think that Jiang switched to support BCC because he has a big stake in it. But some agree with Jiang and show great respect to him.

“I first heard of Bitcoin because of Jiang’s article. He has done a lot in promoting Bitcoin,” said a BCC holder.

Meanwhile, there are people who bought BCC at the price of 6000 rmb and plan to invest more and hold them long.

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