Who Force Justin Sun to Apologize? Probe into His Statement

Drama around Justin Sun’s lunch with Warren Buffett continues. Hours ago he published a statement on Weibo apologizing to the TRON community and Chinese authorities for “vulgar hype and marketing behavior.”

Groveling public apology on Chinese social-media site Weibo, suggesting he was in trouble with the Chinese government. Sun mentioned the term “regulator” 13 times, but he didn’t specify which regulators he is referring to in the letter.

Justin Sun has long been thought as a brave person not afraid of negative news. Justin Sun has not yielded to anyone, whether it is positive news or negative news, involving regulatory issues or not. He is even “passionate” about making use of hot news even negative news to play things up.

So far, he has only published the apology in Chinese. The letter comes just days after he postponed the lunch with Buffett, citing a health issue with kidney stones.

Before that, Chinese media publication, Caixin, added another twist to the story. It claimed Sun was barred from leaving the country by Chinese authorities, piling on allegations of illegal fundraising and money laundering in addition to Sun’s alleged involvement in facilitating pornography and gambling transactions. Furthermore, the report claimed he was still in the country.

Sun mentioned the term “senior” repeatedly, even putting the term prior to “regulator”. It is reported that Sun was under border control since Jul. 2018, but Sun successfully going abroad in Nov. 2018 in deed. It is said that the “senior” may be the key to help Sun’s go abroad when Sun was under border control. Obviously the report on Justin Sun has offended the “senior”, Sun has to apologize to mitigate anger.

The largest pressure is from the domestic, the drama of Sun’s lunch has set a bad example for the youth in China. The bad social effect has been a concern for regulators in China. Many blockchain projects will be involved. Social responsibility and public image are necessary for the well-known blockchain projects in China to survive. The issue of law and compliance is still the long-term concern which can not be ignored.

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