Dealer Couple Arrested In Germany, Police Seized More Than a Kilogram Of Amphetamine


German law enforcement authorities arrested a couple who allegedly bought narcotics from the dark web and resold them to customers locally.

On the evening of Monday morning, an officer of the local police arrested a 28-year-old woman and her 37-year-old boyfriend, both from Landshut, Germany, in Erding. According to police information, the couple sold more than a kilogram of amphetamine to their customers in the Freising area. Law enforcement authorities were investigating the two suspects for weeks. The investigation uncovered that the 28-year-old and the 37-year-old engaged in the illegal trade of the synthetic drug in large quantities. On Monday evening, the two suspects were detained by the police and were taken into custody in the city center of Landshut. In the raid, investigators seized 800 grams of amphetamine (police did not disclose the place where they found the narcotics) and 200 grams of amphetamine along with 5.5 grams of MDMA from the woman’s apartment.

After they were detained, the two suspects partly confessed their crimes and admitted that they had been selling drugs to customers to make a living. The defendants also added that they bought the narcotics from darknet vendors. Both suspects are under investigation.

On January 19, a 51-year-old from Mühlhausen, Germany was arrested for illegal weapon possession, violation of the Weapons Law, and violation of the narcotics law. Recently, the suspect was released from custody after he paid the bail.

“In the meantime, the man has been released from custody after a payment of a deposit,” Andrea Kopp, spokeswoman for the Reutlingen police department said in a statement. “The accused is not a real citizen. As a motive for the attempted acquisition of weapons in the Darknet, his [the suspect’s] general affinity to weapons prevails.” The spokeswoman added that, despite the payment, the investigations against the suspect is still going.

The Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office and the Esslingen criminal police department investigated three suspects, a 43-year-old, a 46-year-old, and a 51-year-old, from Reutlingen, Frickenhausen, and Stuttgart since they allegedly tried to buy weapons from the dark web. Law enforcement authorities seized numerous illegal and legal firearms from the 51-year-old suspect, along with small amounts of narcotics.

In December last year, the Criminal Police Directorate in Esslingen started an investigation against one of the suspects along with the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Law enforcement authorities discovered that the 46-year-old defendant showed interest in several weapons. Through intensive cyber investigations and additional covert investigations, the other two suspects, who were known to the 46-year-old, were identified, according to the police.

On January 19, detectives of the criminal department arrested the three suspects. The 51-year-old, who was known to be a sportsman in the possession of a number of legal firearms, was arrested by the special mission command. Additionally, investigators seized and confiscated six illegal firearms, including a machine gun, an automatic shotgun, several mufflers, along with 17 legal firearms and several thousand rounds of ammunition. The 51-year-old had placed a loaded pistol next to him, police reported. The officials also found small amounts of narcotics in the man’s home.

Law enforcement authorities seized almost 30,000 euros of cash, and gold along with precious metals worth about 50,000 euros at the 46-year-old’s home. The accused persons partly confessed, and the criminal investigations still continue in the cases of all suspects. After the investigation is complete, the prosecution will decide whether to press charges against the defendants.

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