GameCredits to Benefit Gaming Companies with its Advanced Payment Gateway


GameCredits is creating a new payment gateway for the gaming industry. The payment gateway is the result of their efforts to provide a solution for the challenges and limitations faced by the gaming industry with current payment solutions and platforms.

GameCredits Inc., an international, multi-cultural company, is looking to revamp the payment system in the industry with their cutting edge payment solutions. It is also looking to make these solutions available to the mass gaming market.

The proprietary gateway in the first ever crypto mobile gaming store as developed by GameCredits will let the gamers use Gamecredits to buy in-game content. The in- game payment gateway is built for the gaming industry by the gaming industry.

Further, it will also prove extremely beneficial to the gaming companies due to extremely high processing speeds. The GameCredits Inc. proprietary payment system is built on Big Data Technology by top level Big Data developers using Hbase and Hadoop. It is extremely fast.

Scalability will also cease to be an issue as their proprietary Big Data tech is capable of handling tens of millions of users simultaneously.

The GameCredits Inc. proprietary payment system also has an advanced fraud protection and data analyzation system equivalent to current enterprise bank level payment processing solutions. Therefore, making it virtually fraud proof. On top of that, there is also the provision of blockchain security. Transactions are handled by their blockchain wallet solution, so everything is verifiable.

Gamecredits store will also help developers to bypass the current commission fee which is up to 30% as levied by Google Play and Apple. The transaction time will also come down from the current standard of 60 days, as GameCredits Inc. will enable them to receive payments from platforms and aggregators faster and smarter.

GameCredits also solves the problem of higher deposit limits. These limits on gamers regarding how much they can deposit into their favorite games hurt gaming companies and limit their profit and revenue potential.

Finally, with the provision of no chargebacks, fraud, or cancellations; gaming developers can focus on developing games with less headaches and waste less time on fraudulent transactions. Also, as demand for gamecredits increases so will the price. Developers who keep game credits will have an increasing source of monetary value.

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