Dash-Forked Cryptocurrency SibCoin Enters Chinese Market


SibСoin, the Dash forked cryptocurrency is all set to enter the Chinese Markets after the successful run in Siberia (home). Known as the “Siberian Chervonets”, the cryptocurrency has launched the Chinese version of its website sibcoin.org. After consolidating its position in the Russian realm, SibCoin is ready to cater to China’s promising market, full of crypto-enthusiasts and professional traders.

Created in 2015, initially focused on the Russian-speaking cryptocurrency community, SibCoin was intended to be  a ‘people’s patriotic project’. However, the project gathered unprecedented support from both, the domain experts and rookies alike. Employing encryption algorithms developed by Russian cryptographers above the basics of Dash, SibCoin has not only been able to add value to people’s lives but also proved to be a solace for the ones jittered by the volatility of Bitcoin. In a couple of years, SibCoin has become the driving force behind the consolidation of Russian blockchain community.

Dash, an anonymity-oriented cryptocurrency that has enjoyed strong  support in recent times, underwent block size increase to form the very base of SibCoin. As per Evan Duffield, the creator of Dash, the technology offers far less technical complexity as compared to Bitcoin due to an entirely different governance architecture. Noteworthy is the fact that recently, the cryptocurrency went past its earlier resistance level to create a new record.

Reaching more people day by day, SibCoin is now available to trade on Livecoin and YoBit platforms. Moreover, Bittrex — one of the oldest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges out there, has also enlisted SibCoin recently.

The SibCoin team is currently working on two main areas; payout/payment collection services exchanges, and the masternode-based services. As per the company, “the SibCoin community is going to see a lot of feature additions to the platform during the year 2017”.

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