Is Synero Going Loggerheads with MegaUpload 2 with Qrator and Things to Follow?


Synero, the Israel-based blockchain platform has recently announced the upcoming launch of Qrator (read curator) application to help people monetize their original content. The new application, which works as a browser extension will be made available in its beta form coming June.

According to the company, Qrator helps people discover and share content while getting rewarded in the process. In order to benefit from Synero’s upcoming application, users will have to amplify the content they like on content sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc. The Qrator browser extension will make amplification using AMP cryptocurrency easy by eliminating the need to use a different application or a web page.

Once the user amplifies the content by staking a certain amount of AMP cryptotokens and shares it on social media platforms, they stand to gain rewards whenever somebody likes or reposts the shared content. The rewards will be divided between the content creator and the user amplifying the content. In addition to monetization, Qrator also helps Synero with various analytical data points which will be used for creating a cross-platform social graph and bootstrap network effects.

Synero shortly plans to introduce a decentralized social network platform with Qrator users as early adopters. The company intends to ensure the privacy of its users by storing their information on a blockchain so that only they can maintain access and complete control over it.

The content monetization approach adopted by Synero as a part of its “Attention Economy Toolkit” is entirely different from another much-awaited cryptocurrency based content sharing platform, MegaUpload 2 which uses Bitcoin as a payment method. The BitCache’s BitContent protocol, to be connected with Kim Dotcom’s MegaUpload 2 was recently demonstrated on Twitter. The sneak peek offered by Kim, in his tweet showcases the Bitcoin-based content monetization option.

However, as per the available information, MegaUpload 2 will allow content creators/uploaders to monetize their content with Bitcoin. But it is not clear whether content consumers also stand to get rewarded for helping the content creator spread the word about his/her quality content.

With MegaUpload 2 still six months away from release, Qrator will hit the market much earlier, and it is to be seen which model will be readily lapped up by those who are into content business.

Ref: Synero Blog | Finance Magnates | Image: Shutterstock

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