EncryptoTel Is The World’s First Secure VoIP And B2B Blockchain Communication Infrastructure Platform


There are plenty of interesting projects in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. EncryptoTel is one of the more unique concepts. The team focuses on secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure, which is a promising industry. The goal is to provide services to both consumers and enterprises alike. Moreover, the team will host an ICO to raise funds for the project.

EncrytoTel is a very intriguing project, to say the least. The platform will revamp the way we think about communication. Moreover, the service will provide privacy features not found anywhere else. It is evident encrypted communication is the future, and EncryptoTel plans to be a part of this global revolution. Powering all of these secure and encrypted communication tools is the PBX cloud platform.

By using blockchain technology, this platform is completely decentralized. Moreover, the project covers over 100 countries around the world through direct-dial numbers. It is also possible to integrate EncryptoTel with external services through a powerful API. More importantly, users will receive a free number and unlimited communication within the network. All phone numbers are masked and no communication will be logged by the platform, though.

Do not be mistaken in thinking development of the EncryptoTel platform has not begun yet. In fact, the team has successfully implemented the vast majority of the features and a working BETA version of the platform can be found here. By using the Waves platform, users will confirm their identity by using a digital signature. Encryption of all communication will occur through the implemented TLS + RTP Secure Communication protocols. Furthermore, the service is multi-platform, allowing users to connect through any modern device. In the future, users can access the PBX platform via popular messaging services, including Telegram.

As mentioned earlier, the EncryptoTel platform will host a crowdsale, starting on April 24. The plan is to raise at least US$100,000 during the ICO, which allows the team to build a stable and fully-functional PBX. If the team raises more than US$250,000, they will develop a native traffic encryption protocol based on blockchain technology. Last but not least, if over US$1m is raised, EncryptoTel will embark on an aggressive international expansion campaign.

The pre-release of the platform is scheduled for the Summer of 2017. Main development will occur throughout the Fall, with proper testing taking place in late 2017 and early 2018. If all things go according to plan, EncryptoTel will be released to the public in the Summer of 2018. Investors partaking in the ICO will receive a maximum discount on all services and gain priority status on all orders. Every investor will be part of the strategic business decisions moving forward.

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