Airbitz Enables In-wallet Bitcoin Purchases Through Liberty-X Integration


It is quite common to see bitcoin wallets offering a way to purchase cryptocurrency within its own ecosystem. Plenty of bitcoin wallets offer that functionality already. In the latest Airbitz update, the company announced they are now offering a “buy bitcoin” feature through the Liberty-X service. An interesting development, that much is certain.

Airbitz Sees Merit in Liberty-X

When it comes to finding the right bitcoin wallet for your needs, Airbitz is certainly worth considering. Their client is lightweight, does not rely on the company’s servers to operate, and features a neat bitcoin directory. One feature the wallet was lacking, however, was a convenient option to buy bitcoin. After all, that is the concept most novice users continue to struggle with to this very day.

That situation has come to change, thanks to the most recent Airbitz wallet update. A new version of the client can now be found on both Android and iOS. The main selling point of this update is how the company integrated support to buy bitcoin directly from the wallet. Liberty-X is the service provider of choice, which directs enthusiasts to local businesses selling bitcoin. It is worth mentioning Liberty-X allows anyone to buy bitcoin with cash at those locations.

What is even more interesting is how the support to buy bitcoin came to be. Airbitz uses a plug-in architecture, which makes it easy for the bitcoin wallet to add additional service. Liberty-X is one of the few companies to take Airbitz up on that offer, which results in a convenient bitcoin purchasing solution.  Wallet users can find a retailer selling bitcoin near them from within the Airbitz wallet, which is a nice feature.

Although some people may think buying bitcoin with cash makes Liberty-X a convenient solution to fund illegal crypto-based activities, that is not the case. All Liberty-X participants require bitcoin buyers to provide their ID, regardless of how large or small the order amount is. There is quite an intriguing thread about this service of the /r/fakeID community, which explains how it is virtually impossible to use Liberty-X for anonymous bitcoin purchases.

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