Bitcoin Romania Partners Smith & Smith on Unique Payment Service, Bringing Customers to the Digital Age


George Rotariu, Bitcoin Romania’s CEO, right, and Valentin Daeanu, Smith Smith’s CEO.

Bitcoin Romania, Romania’s leading bitcoin exchange, brokerage and ATM operator, has teamed with the country’s premier money transfer company, Smith Smith, to give bitcoin users a more efficient payment service. Bitcoin users will enjoy the speed and flexibility of Bitcoin Romania’s unique online trading platform while depositing and withdrawing cash from Smith Smith’s omnipresent money transfer offices.

Users of the new service will be able to withdraw and deposit cash at Smith Smith agencies without needing a bank account. The new service brings a new level of speed, efficiency and flexibility to bitcoin transactions.

Users outside of Romania can trade bitcoin for USD and EUR on the online platform, https:/

Immediate Withdrawals And Deposits

The new service is up and running and bitcoin users are invited to begin making transactions in a more convenient way than ever, enjoying the convenience of immediate cash withdrawals and deposits.

“We wanted to implement an instant cash deposit and withdrawal service to extend our services, and the Smith Smith collaboration is the ideal solution,” said Bitcoin Romania CEO George Rotariu. “Smith Smith is already a well known, omnipresent brand in Romania, with locations in diverse, heavily populated areas, so our customers can easily reach one of the payment company’s agencies.”

George Rotariu and Bitcoin Romania’s bitcoin ATMs.

Bitcoin Romania customers can now enjoy instant transactions in tune with the digital age, where speed makes a difference. Smith Smith’s conveniently located offices allow users from throughout the country to finalize their trades successfully and easily.

“This is very important for us because ever since we launched, we wanted to make bitcoin trading easy, both in terms of processing time, and in terms of proximity to customers,” Rotariu said.

A New Level Of Service

The new partnership takes Bitcoin Romania’s online platform to a new level of customer service.

“Besides existing options like instant bank transfers and our countrywide ATMs and terminals network, we added instant cash deposits and withdrawals through our partners Smith Smith,” he said. “We are counting on the experience and safety offered by Smith Smith, and we are sure that this collaboration will be successful both for us and especially for our customers.”

Trading procedures are available on Bitcoin Romania’s website,

Bitcoin Romania, a subsidiary of BTR Exchange Inc, is the country’s largest bitcoin exchange and brokerage, launching its first trades in 2014. It also operates the nation’s largest two-way and one-way bitcoin ATM network. The company has offices in multiple cities.

Smith Smith, a money transfer company established in 1999, was authorized as a payment institution by the National Bank of Romania in 2011.

Smith Smith has developed over the past 15 years by offering clients high-quality services at reduced costs, having handled more than 7 million transactions representing more than $2 billion to about 300,000 clients.

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