Living Room of Satoshi Users Can Pay Bills With Ethereum


Paying bills with cryptocurrency has been somewhat easy in Australia. Thanks to the service provided by Living Room of Satoshi, bitcoin can be sued to pay everyday expenses. The company has now added support for Ethereum, which is quite an interesting development. It also goes to show there is a growing demand to use Ether as a payment method for bills and services.

Living Room of Satoshi has always been a popular service among cryptocurrency users. Although this service is only available in Australia, LRoS has been quite successful over the years. Keeping in mind how the Australian government is not necessarily pro-Bitcoin, it is somewhat remarkable the company has been around for so long.

What is even more remarkable is how Living Room of Satoshi is expanding their business. To be more specific, they enabled support for Ethereum to be used as a payment method. This means anyone in Australia can use Ether to pay bills whenever they feel the need to do so. For the Ethereum community, this is excellent news, as it brings another use case to the table.

Living Room of Satoshi Embraces Ethereum

A lot of people struggle with the concept of why they would use Ethereum over Bitcoin. After all, there are fewer services accepting ETH payments compared to bitcoin merchants. While that situation may not change anytime soon, the addition of Living Room of Satoshi is quite significant. The company is a well-recognized brand in Australia and beyond. Having their support can be invaluable for the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole.

According to one Reddit user, this feature is made possible thanks to a Shapeshift-based Ether-to-AUD exchange feature. This means the fees of every transaction are kept to a bare minimum. It is also possible to use Ethereum payment to send funds to any Australian bank accounts, rather than just paying bills. All things considered, this is big news for the future of the Ethereum ecosystem, at least where mainstream consumers are concerned.

It is evident Living Room of Satoshi is looking well beyond bitcoin for their services. A few months ago, the platform added Support for Dash. Now that Ethereum is also listed, the platform is expected to generate even more volume every month. Paying bills with bitcoin and altcoins will help put cryptocurrency on the map. We can only hope to see similar services pop up in other parts of the world, especially in Asia and the United States.

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