Synereo’s Qrator Is The First Application for the Attention Economy


Synereo is a platform that is all about the attention economy. To capture a global audience, the team acknowledges there is a dire need for a proper attention economy ecosystem. As of today, they announced a new toolkit to accomplish this goal. Qrator will allow anyone in the world to monetize their original content and get rewarded for sharing quality.

The Qrator toolkit will be released in the form of a beta client in June of 2017. This is the first step towards establishing a decentralized Attention Economy Layer. Synereo also announced the upcoming launch of a distributed content delivery network, which enables direct content upload to the Synereo CDN. Establishing a cross-platform social graph is the first priority for the Synereo team, and Qrator will help them achieve this goal.

One could compare Qrator to a browser extension. In fact, the tool will “track” users as they consume content through different content networks. Think of it as an assistant that monitors YouTube and Soundcloud behavior, while looking for ways to amplify the experience. In fact, the amplifying part of the experience is made possible using AMP, the native Synereo currency. An MP3 can be amplified by a video clip, for example.

Qrator Is A Glimpse Of The Future

To be more precise, AMP holders will be able to stake a custom amount of tokens of a given type of content. Once they spread said content through their own social channels, they will receive a dividend if the content gets reposted. All of the “dividends” will be paid in AMP as well. Moreover, the person responsible for creating the original content will receive a portion of the Amplification fees as well. It is a whole new form of creating and distributing content, but in a fair way that benefits everyone.

Synereo CEO Dor Konforty explains Qrator as follows:

“Our main goal at this stage is giving users a taste of how a network in which they are compensated for content creation and curation feels like. Additionally, Qrator will allow us to build a cross-platform social graph and bootstrap network effects on top of existing services. With this information and user base, Synereo will be able to hit the ground running with its decentralized social networking app – already populated with users, their social environments, identities and histories – all securely stored on the blockchain, privately owned, accessible and controlled by them only.“

It is evident tools such as Qrator will play a big role in the future plans for Synereo. It is just the first step along the way to decentralize content distribution and consumption. Moreover, it gives content creators valuable feedback as to how they created added value. The fact that it generates an additional revenue stream should not be overlooked either.

Header image courtesy of Qrator

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