Equibit Development Corporation Plans Launch of Blockchain-based Mainstream Investment Products


The possibilities for blockchain technology in the financial sector are virtually limitless. The Equipped Development Corporation, the team behind the Equibit P2P security platform, is looking to make a big impact on the financial sector over the coming few years. The company recently unveiled its plans to make their blockchain-based platform more appealing by adding popular equities and equity indexes.

Equibit Has Big Plans For Blockchain-based Securities

It is good to see the Equibit Development Corporation acknowledge, there is a great opportunity for equities and equity indexes on the blockchain. To be more specific, the team plans to port publicly traded assets onto the Equibit platform. Contrary to what some people may think, these equities will be household names, including the SP 500 index and NASDAQ shares.In doing so, the company wants to highlight the inherent value of peer-to-peer securities trading on the blockchain.

EDC CEO Christopher Horlacher commented on the Equibit platform as follows:

“With the blockchain, we can reinvent the entire clearing and settlement system from the ground up, and that will open the door to massive efficiencies in peer to peer capital flows and new methods of finance and investment. That was my goal. Introducing a few mainstream examples, adds immediate value for early adopters and raises the awareness of Equibit as a digital assets system that’s open for business.”

Bringing mainstream equities to the Equibit ecosystem will add a lot of value to the blockchain-based securities platform moving forward. Moreover, it will help raise awareness for the platform itself, as digital asset trading in a peer-to-peer environment is a big part of the future of finance. EDC has also revealed they plan to a lunch other mainstream assets on top of the blockchain platform in the coming months and years.

What is even more important is how the Equibit securities platform will not remain closed source. The developers are looking at open sourcing the platform and source code in the future. Additionally, there are also plans on the table to create a digital currency wallet. Anyone who owns digital currency will get a convenient and frictionless way to diversify assets with real-world investor protection. The end goal for EDC is to create flexible securitization vehicles by bringing mainstream indices to the Equibit network in an asset-backed note.

As one would expect, there are a lot of legal ramifications to launching mainstream indices on a blockchain-based security platform. Equibit Development Corporation is working together with Lega et Financier European, a well-respected French law firm. Innovative investment products require a lot of careful planning and licensing, and significant progress has been made by the Equibit team in this regard. Te company also raised close to US$600,000 during the ICO, indicating the platform is ready to start firing on all cylinders.

Header image courtesy of Equibit

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