Creditbit Hits Big in the Chinese Market; Prices Soar


Creditbit, the MIT/X11 licensed cryptocurrency project, appears to have achieved what they set out to do with the crypto’s launch in the Chinese market. Recently, a Chinese trader bought all the CRB coins on sale order book on, causing the crypto’s prices to skyrocket.

As predicted by the Creditbit community, Creditbit’s Chinese debut has only helped the cryptocurrency so far. The crypto had gone bullish with all the buzz around it, regarding its DaBTC launch and now again the crypto is on an upward hike because of the Chinese market.

Creditbit’s current market cap is 5,071,585 USD with price at 0.403142 USD and the trading volume (24h) of 101,437 USD at the time of writing. Creditbit has been doing really well lately as it is gaining the attention of everyone including the Chinese. And as the Chinese with their incredible buying power look for more and more new avenues to invest in, Creditbit is only set to gain more traction and adopters in the Chinese market.

The launch of the translated version of the Creditbit whitepaper on DaBTC is said to have helped the crypto in commanding the attention of the Chinese market. As noted by a Creditbit community member on Bitcoin Talk, the launch of the translated whitepaper preceded this price hike.

Creditbit, which is in its final stages of its first round of migration, is also exciting the crypto community with its much anticipated CreditGAME and CreditDAO, which will be launched soon after the first round of migration concludes. CreditGAME has excited the community to such an extent that the Chinese investor, who is said to have bought all the creditbits, is rumoured to have stocked up those 1million creditbits for the upcoming creditGAME!

Creditbit is truly disrupting the crypto space and is definitely a cryptocurrency to look out for in the near future. The crypto’s increasing traction and adopters are also a result of its consistent innovation and a strong community supporting it. Creditbit dev team actively interacts with its community and continuously strives to keep the community at the centre of all the developments.

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