SpectroCoin Debit Card Enables Support for 41 Cryptocurrencies


SpectroCoin, all-in-one solution for Bitcoin now introduces debit card that supports 41 cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin conglomerate, according to an announcement made last week, has added support for Namecoin, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other popular altcoin. Effective March 2017, SpectroCoin debit card holders can add balances with the aforementioned altcoins. They can also use the same funds to top-up their mobile phones, buy gift vouchers, and trade.

Since its launch some 3 years back, SpectroCoin had the vision to become the one-stop shop for all services related to newly emerging cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Debit Card was introduced to make it easier for people to spend their cryptocurrencies for regular usage. These cards are powered by Visa and MasterCard, meaning that they can be used across the globe as the substitute of standard fiat debit cards.

SpectroCoin Debit Card can be denominated in either Dollar (USD), Euros (EUR) and Pounds (GBP), according to the holders’ choice. It has high deposit and withdrawal limit. In order to receive funds your card need to be verified.

The addition of Altcoins is a result of the positive response and significant traction gained by the platform’s non-bitcoin cryptocurrency DASH solution. SpectroCoin has offered a range of Bitcoin-related solutions since 2013, from exchange services to a Bitcoin e-wallet that can be used to store the currency online. The e-wallet and exchange are supported in more than 150 countries and offer more than 20 methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, which consists of bank transfers and credit cards.

Users can fund their SpectroCoin wallet with any of the 40 supported Atlcoins and then use it for their daily needs or to top-up debit cards, exchange and Withdraw it.

About SpectroCoin

Spectro Finance Ltd is developing innovative solutions for electronic payments. Currently, its portfolio consists of SpectroCoin.com – BTC exchange, wallet and payment processor and SpectroCard.com – prepaid MasterCard solution for a link between cash and Internet.

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