Litecoin, the Touchstone of True Love

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We hear Litecoin a lot these days.

It seems that at this particular moment in history, the Litecoin development team is pulling all of its resources to take the lead trying to overtake bitcoin. I ‘m not sure about this, but there is indeed something special about Litecoin that has overshadowed other altcoins.

This may sound hard to believe, but Litecoin has now become the touchstone of true love.

On March 13, a girl named Joanna posted in 8btc, crying that she got dumped when her boyfriend found out she invested about¥150,000 (about $21,428)in Litecoin.

Joanna and her boyfriend Key had been together for three years. They were planning to get married on Oct. 1, China’s National Day. But happiness came to a close when Joanna bought 50,000 litecoins without telling her fiancé. Key broke up with her, saying he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with an idiot. To do his justice, he might be overreacting a little bit, but I totally understand him. When you choose to marry someone, you cannot hide anything from him anymore.

What I can’t understand is that Key took away a card that had been under Joanna’s charge and what’s worse, he changed the lock on their home. Poor Joanna, it’s like she lost all overnight.

Wait a minute, that’s not true, she still has 50,000 litecoins. And that’s enough to rewrite the story.

On March 30, the day the price of per litecoin increased close to 7 dollars, Joanna’ex asked to get back together with her.

                                 Joanna and Key’s chat history

“Babe, you there?”


“I’ve been missing so much. I never should have broken up with you.”

“Then how come you didn’t reply to any of my messages?”

“oh, I’m just having the hardest time forgiving you, but now I realize nothing is more important than true love. I love you, babe, I always do.”

“Key, you really broke my heart when you took away our money. You made my life miserable.”

“What’s the big deal! I know you still have that 50k litecoins. You are rich now!”

“How did you know about it?”

“oh, I just happened to check your account last night. You didn’t change your password. You should feel lucky it’s me. What if other people peeked at your account and stole away your money?”

“Thank you for your warning. I will change it right now.”

“babe, come back to me. Let’s get rich together.”

“Key, let me ask you a question, will you still want me back if litecoin price didn’t rise?”

Key didn’t make any reply, but Joanna already knows the answer.

Joanna told 8btc,

“I regretted not telling him when I bought litecoin and I pined for him every single day, but not anymore. If I have ever learned anything from this experience, that is he is just not the one. And that’s enough. “

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