Creditbit Discusses Parity & Mist/Ethereum Wallet for Windows users


The Creditbit dev team has been working hard to provide a seamless migration to the community. The platform is almost done with the first round of migration which will end on April 8, 2017. Creditbit has now published an update titled ‘Parity Mist/Ethereum Wallet for Windows users’ on Bitcoin Talk to explain the step by step the process for all the community members having trouble with Ethereum wallet. The latest update focused on Windows users, while the dev team has already instructed the community on how to install Parity in Geth mode in an earlier post on the same platform.

Creditbit is an open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license which gives you the power to run, modify, and copy the software and to distribute, at your option, modified copies of the software.

Previously the devs have already advised the community to synchronize their Mist/Ethereum Wallets, and to switch to Parity node in case the synchronization is really slow and is taking more than 10 hours.

The latest update elaborates up on Parity Mist/Ethereum Wallet for Windows users.

First installation:

Download Parity for Windows:
  2. Download Mist (or Ethereum Wallet), 64bit or 32bit, depends on your Windows:
Install Parity, make a shortcut, right-click on the shortcut, change “Target” to: “C:Program FilesEthcoreParityparity.exe” –geth
Optionaly: change port with a switch –dapps-port xxxx where xxxx is a number of port. Use this step if you have problems with other applications.
Optionaly: add switch for Parity interface: –force-ui
  6. Run Parity shortcut, Windows Prompt should start and report about synchronized packages. A beeping sound is a good sign.
  7. Install and run Mist (you must do it AFTER you start Parity node, to prevent Geth node to start building its own blockchain)

Problems that can crop up are:

  1. Most common problem is a firewall issue, be sure to enable Parity application on Windows or other firewall and enable port forwarding on your router
  2. Interfering with other applications, mostly port issue. This can be dealt with by switching to: –dapps-port 8085
Slow synchronization is yet another issue that can arise, for this, at least 4Gb RAM should be available on your computer to process blocks.

Once the first installation is done and over with, it can simply be used by starting Parity shortcut followed by starting Mist.

Earlier the dev team had also clarified to the community that they have reached out to most of the Exchanges and are working on a solution to automatically migrate all CRBIT coins for them. The platform is working on making it easier for the users. This solution will allow the users’ CRBIT coins to be replaced with CRB Tokens easily with no extra effort on their part.

Creditbit dev team is consistent with its updates regarding any new developments on the aforementioned platform and takes serious consideration of any problems faced by the community members, and is diligent with its problem solving.

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