Bitcoin-India Mining Pool Signals Support For BIP148


With mining pools around the world signaling for SegWit, BU, or the UASF, every new block on the network is subject to some degree of scrutiny. One recently mined block by the Bitcoin-India pool has quite some interesting signaling flags, to say the least. While the pool is in favor of BIP148, they also clarify their position on bitcoin forks.

Bitcoin-India Is Pro-BIP148

It is evident miners and community members are somewhat getting fed up regarding the whole SegWit vs Bitcoin Unlimited debate. Neither solution is close to getting activated on the network, and it appears BU supporters will do everything they can to block SegWit activation. However, with BU’s plans to effectively fork bitcoin, that should not be much of a problem in the future.It is evident very few people see BU as an actual threat right now.

Some mining pools are a bit more vocal about which solution they prefer to see activated on the bitcoin network. Rather than just signaling for one particular solution and flagging it as such, it is possible to cause a bit of controversy as well. Bitcoin-India has done exactly that, as they recently added multiple flags to one of the last blocks found by this mining pool. The operators are sending a clear message on how they feel bitcoin needs to evolve.

While Bitcoin-India clearly favors BIP148 – also known as the User-activated Soft Fork for SegWit – they included a clear message to supporters of other solutions. As can be seen in the block explorer, they refer to “EB” and “AD” as two solutions that are “poop” and  “OMG” respectively. No one needs any further explanation as to where Bitcoin-India stands regarding bitcoin scaling and how things should progress.

Initially, this block was counted as flagging support for Bitcoin unlimited on, although that issue was resolved rather quickly. Some users refer to this type of “messaging system” as “flag-trolling”, which allows mining pools to send clear messages to anyone else monitoring the situation. Having another pool clearly signal for BIP148 goes to show a user-activated soft fork might be the best option in the end. An interesting take on things, that much is certain.

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