Deloitte Offers an Opportunity for People to Pay for Their Meals with Bitcoin


Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” auditing firms in the world has taken a huge step towards Bitcoin adoption. The company, which has been supportive of cryptocurrency technology adoption and its benefits has started accepting Bitcoin payments at its “in-campus” restaurant.

The inclusion of additional payment option in the “Bistro 1858” restaurant at Deloitte Toronto facility was announced by the company in a press release late last week. The availability of Bitcoin payment option at the restaurant comes months after the company introduced a Bitcoin ATM within its premises. The two-way Bitcoin ATM (BTM) allows employees and individuals to buy and sell cryptocurrency without any hassles instantly.

In the release, the Strategy Leader at Rubix by Deloitte — Iliana Oris Valiente said,

“By allowing individuals to buy and sell bitcoin with our BTM, and now to buy their lunch with bitcoin, we’re demonstrating that the blockchain experience for the front-end user is not all that complicated. What is important to realize, however, is that the back-end technology has fundamentally changed.”

The new development is a result of multiple collaborations. Deloitte is working together with Benchmark Hospitality — the company operating Bistro 1858 and BitPay – the cryptocurrency payments processor to make the whole thing happen.

The same release also quotes the CEO of BitPay Stephen Pair saying,

“We’re excited to see a leading company like Deloitte exploring the possibilities with bitcoin payments… We hope this test case will show users on a small scale what bitcoin can do for online payments and what BitPay is doing for businesses transferring value globally.”

Deloitte’s active participation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem goes way back to 2015 when Bitcoin’s underlying technology started making waves. The company has sponsored numerous cryptocurrency technology related hackathons and presented itself as a thought leader with roots growing way back into the days when there was no Bitcoin.

By facilitating the use of cryptocurrency within the company, Deloitte has showcased that it has bought into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as the future.

Ref: Econotimes | Image: NewsBTC

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