Bitcoin Payments Are Coming To Hundreds of Thousands of Japanese Retail Outlets Thanks to BITPOINT


Japan has become quite a big region for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The trading volume across exchanges is growing, resulting in a price boost as well. Moreover, it appears BITPOINT Japan Co. Aims to introduce Bitcoin payments to retail outlets. More specifically, the company feels there is a bright future ahead for cryptocurrency in the country.

Bitcoin Payments Are Coming To Japanese Retailers

It is quite interesting to see the effect Bitcoin has had on the Japanese economy. It appears there is a real frenzy when it comes to cryptocurrency. BITPOINT Japan Co is looking to take things to the next level. The company wants to let hundreds of thousands of retail outlets accept Bitcoin with ease. This is quite a significant move, to say the least. Moreover, it may affect the Bitcoin price in a positive manner as well.

To be more specific, the company is in talks with a retail-related company. It appears a new payment terminal service will be provided to participating retailers. Using a centralized third-party service provider makes sense, though. Doing so reduces the need to talk to individual companies. Whether or not his venture will be successful, remains to be seen, though.

A lot of companies in Japan are keeping a close eye on Bitcoin right now. Ever since the regulation changed in a positive manner, companies have been flocking to Bitcoin. The introduction of cryptocurrency has been quite a success so far. Introducing the payment option to more retailers can only be seen as a positive development. It is evident Bitcoin is making its way into mainstream society in Japan as of late.

BITPOINT Has Big Plans for Bitcoin

Although this news is great, no official announcement will be made anytime soon. It is expected the Japanese company will make things official at the beginning of 2018. Introducing Bitcoin to retailers will not happen overnight by any means. Until that time, it is believed Bitcoin will continue making inroads in Japan, though. It is already possible to buy plane tickets with cryptocurrency, and one of the nation’s largest electronics retailers accepts in-store Bitcoin payments already.

It is evident BITPOINT wants to capitalize on Bitcoin’s potential. The company is active in the exchange world already. Moving forward, the company wants to explore their options in the retail sector as well. Considering their close ties with multiple retailers across Japan, now is the time to execute their plans. The narrative of cryptocurrency in the country has changed for the better. It will be interesting to see how this situation evolves in the coming months.

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