Bitcoin Core to Hold Meet-up This Week: Are they really Better than BU?

Bitcoin Core team is to hold a meetup in Shanghai on December 11, 2016.

The meet-up will bring together prominent Bitcoin Core contributors and the Chinese bitcoin community to discuss the future development of bitcoin and blockchain. Topics of speakers will include:

1. What are the benefits of scaling bitcoin and what are the trade-offs? What are the pros and cons of SegWit as scaling solution?

2. Centralization and what role corporations play in bitcoin’s development.

3. What bitcoin can learn from other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum.

4. The role China plays in bitcoin’s development.

5. What can be done to improve communication and cooperation within the bitcoin community, between protocol developers, wallet developers, and miners?

For more about the schedule please see:  Meet-up of Core in Shanghai on Sunday

8btc news will be on site to report the event live during the whole process and will ask questions to collected from home and abroad to make the meet-up more interactive.

The meet-up of Bitcoin Core comes at a fitting time. Several days ago Jiang Zhuoer’s article As a China Mining Pool Owner, Why I am a Hardcore Opponent to SegWit has triggered harsh heated discussion in the Chinese community and Reddit. Mow quickly took move to hold an AMA to face almost all questions and even said “BU are terrible and  BU know nothing about coding while Corm members are good at coding.”  Mow also note he will support onchain scaling and bigger blocksize if needed. (see Samson Mow’s AMA on 8btc: BU are Terrible and We Do Support Onchain Scaling)

But there are still people who think Mow’s answers are vague and commercial and thus still won’t by Mow’s story.

Jihan Wu even said on twitter BTCC is the worst trusted exchange in China during Mow’s AMA period.

Now it’s time for Core members to meet questions themselves, Can they prove they are really better than BU ?

Please follow 8btc news to seek answers.

Leave your comments/questions here and they will be brought to the Core team directly.

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