Qingfeng Shan Invited to speak in Seminar by BTCBOX and YUME in Japan

As per a forum post on 8btc, on 22nd Nov 2016, Qingfeng Shan delivered a Bitcoin and blockchain speech on a seminar in Tokyo, sponsored by Yume Education and BTCBOX, a leading Japanese Bitcoin Exchange.

Yume Education is a JASDAQ-listed company with Tokyo-based headquarter and around 4,000 employees. The seminar was pre-announced on 4th Nov and attracted 40 participants from Yume and other financial institution, most of them are executives.

The other lecturer Tetsu (大石哲之), a council member of Japan Digital Currency Association, introduced the background of Bitcoin and blockchain, and the current blockchain application in financial markets like securities, insurance, derivatives and nonfinancial markets like IOT, evidence, SCM etc.

Qingfeng Shan on the seminar. photo credit: cryptocureencymagazine

Qingfeng Shan talked about Bitcoin and blockchain from a developer perspective. He explained the structural design of Bitcoin and blockchain. The lecture was translated to the Japanese audience by his friend.
Shan told 8btc:

“Bitcoin and Blockchain in Japan didn’t receive much attention as China did. Many of them probably heard of Bitcoin or blockchain for the first time. The Q&A session was pretty quiet. Some audience who can speak Chinese told me that it would be better to deliver the lecture in English. That’s why I see lots of potential here.”

Qingfeng is a seasoned developer with over 10 years of development experience in C++, Javascript. He used to work as development engineer in Kodak, Yunyun, Sina Weibo. He was drawn to Bitcoin in 2012 and built a Ripple gateway in 2013. In 2016, he started working fulltime to develop ASCH. ASCH is an ethereum-like platform that adopts an enhanced DPOS consensus mechanism. The sidechain capability can ease the blockchain bloating issue and allows more robust deployment of DAPPs.
It might be a small step for Shan, 8btc is happy to see the exchange of knowledge between China and abroad and willing to bridge the language barrier.
Blockchain is created without boundaries.

Japanese report can be found here.

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