BSV Set for First Chinese-Language Developer Conference

The first Chinese-language edition of the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (or BSV) Developer Conference is set to hold between Aug 29 and 30. Dubbed Bitcoin SV DevCon, the event is produced specifically for Chinese-speaking developers in China and other countries as they form an audience that is “significant in size and has been one of our fastest-growing bases for Bitcoin SV development” according to a key BSV advocate and President of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen.

“It follows on from the first Bitcoin SV DevCon that was held in July (in the English language),” Nguyen said about the past online event which he claimed saw more than 3,400 unique users participate over a weekend and thousands more engaging with the content in following weeks. “Developer education is a cornerstone of the work that we do at Bitcoin Association because people mistakenly believe that Bitcoin does not have the technical capabilities needed to support enterprise blockchain applications. That mistaken belief is what led to the proliferation of 5,000 unnecessary cryptocurrencies and too many attempted blockchains and distributed ledger projects.”

He blamed the Bitcoin Core team for crippling Bitcoin’s capabilities for too long as against the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto while BSV restored and unlocked its technical powers to scale massively as a global ledger for combining data and money to power enterprise applications. Nguyen also deemed the re-education of developers necessary as they are just learning they can – and should – build their ideas on BSV instead of using competing blockchains which do not scale.

“DevCons offer us the opportunity to do this in a single weekend, while also giving us the chance to engage the wider  development community to discuss the unique powers of Bitcoin SV to process huge transaction volumes, enable greater data capacity and facilitate microtransactions, all at very fast speed and for very low fees,” he said. “The Chinese-language Bitcoin SV DevCon is the latest offering from Bitcoin Association as part of our partnership with CSDN, the largest IT and software development community in China, with more than 31 million active users.

He added that they have held a series of Chinese-language BSV webinars with CSDN using relevant educational materials as part of the ultimate goal to prepare “developers in China and worldwide for the future of Bitcoin script engineering – a new job category made possible by the tremendous powers of Bitcoin SV – and to get developers building all their blockchain projects on Bitcoin SV.”

Though hosting virtually this year due to global situation, the DevCon will be a regular occurrence – both the flagship annual event and the Chinese-language edition – as an in-person conference to allow for more interactive learning through coding workshops and professional networking. Nguyen notes that as a Chinese-speaking community-specific event, non-Chinese speakers interested in learning more about BSV and developing for its blockchain would have to consult recordings from Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 which was hosted in English.

BSV always promotes its protocol to more closely reflect the original Bitcoin design than does BTC or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Late last year, a special report by Tom Lee’s Fundstrat Global Advisors – with its close to 60% share of on-chain transactions on the Bitcoin network and 1.4% hash rate as against Bitcoin’s (BTC) 96% at the time – lays out why BSV could be considered a possible winning implementation for contributing “to the necessary experimentation to test which protocol design is most likely to achieve broad adoption.”

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