BSV China Threatens to Send Aelf Price to Zero after Aelf Founder Calls to Boycott BSV and Craig Faketoshi

Of late, a tit-for-tat dispute between two crypto camps – Bitcoin SV (BSV) China and Aelf – has drawn the attention from the Chinese crypto community.

It started with Ma Haobo, the founder of Aelf (ELF), called Craig Wright a scammer and kick-started a #BoycottBSVAndCryingFaketoshi hashtag on Weibo (Twitter-like social media in China) on June 30 after learning that self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright cried in court during the $10 billion crypto lawsuit filed against him.

The campaign soon won the support from a plurality of industry leaders in the country, including leading bitcoin mining pool Poolin cofounder Zhu Fa and F2Pool cofounder Mao Shixing.  As of press time, the topic has attracted over 200k views.

The Chinese community of BSV then fought back, satirizing ELF lags far behind BSV in market cap and claiming to crush the ELF community and send Aelf (ELF) price to zero.

According to Coinmarketcap, BSV, with a market cap around $3.6 billion, ranks the 9th largest crypto; ELF, by contrast, ranks 80 whose market cap stands at $103 million. The incident did not have a major impact on the crypto prices of both sides.

Bitcoin SV (BSV), the altcoin took the moniker “Satoshi’s vision” emerging during the bitcoin cash (BCH) hard fork last November, has been entangled with controversies for it’s backed by “faketoshi” Craig Wright. This April, the crypto coin was delisted by a plurality of major crypto exchanges led by Binance amid Wright’s campaign to deanonymize one of his critics who created the #CraigWrightIsAFraud.

Launched in 2017, Aelf (ELF) is a Chinese blockchain project aiming to be the “Linux system” of the blockchain space.

In regards to the dispute between the two camps, some people say that Ma is imitating what Justin Sun (founder of Tron, known for his marketing stunt) does, whose purpose is to hype the price of ELF. Upon this, Ma negates the accusation and says only hardworking projects deserve investors’ trust.

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