Chinese Crypto Exchange Tokens pump successively

“Over 4 USDT, the price of OKB pump more than 20% over the past 24 hours.” At 2 p.m. on February 10, OKB’s holders exclaimed, and an hour later, the price of OKB broke 5 USDT.

Almost at the same time, Chinese major crypto exchange OKEx released a string of hit news: destroying the unissued 700 million OKB to achieve extreme deflation; OKChain test network and DEX were launched synchronously, and Token OKT of the public chain’s founding block will map 100% to OKB holders.

On the evening of the February 10, Huobi announced that its public chain would be online tested and quickly joined the “battlefield”; while Binance arranged the channel of fiat money in an orderly manner. In a group that pays attention to token, investors are like spectators cheering in the stands, focusing on the K-line of OKB, HT, and BNB.

In the past year, BNB and HT have taken the lead in the crypto exchange token field, ranking ahead of OKB in market value. Now the performance of the latter on February 10 finally restored users’ confidence.

The token burning this time is unprecedented for all crypto platforms. Up to now, more than 41.78 million HT with a total circulation of 500 million have been destroyed, accounting for 8.36% of the total circulation, while more than 16.74 million BNB with a total circulation of 200 million has been destroyed, accounting for 8.37% of the total circulation.

Mapping on BNB is like its steady rise over the past year. Since the beginning of the year 2020, Binance has successively supplemented the contract transactions of 18 cryptocurrencies, such as LTC, EOS, ADA, DASH and BNB. Among them, ADA, DASH is not online cryptocurrencies in the Huobi and OKEx contract sectors.

Since January 7 this year, Binance has opened up fiat money transactions in 14 countries, including the mainstream fiat money such as the euro and the pound, as well as the fiat money of Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Croatia, and other small countries.

When it comes to the progress of the public chain, Binance is the leader. Last year, it officially launched the public chain and DEX.

Steady progress supports the steady appreciation of BNB. At the beginning of this year, BNB rose to $25.7 from $13.7 at the beginning of January, up 87.5%; as of 4 p.m. on February 11, BNB temporarily reported $24.7, up more than 80% compared with the low point at the beginning of the year.

The skyrocketing of OKB will also affect BNB holders. Some users in the Binance community are suggested that Binance should also strengthen the token destruction. After all, for exchange token, buyback and destruction are the most effective” stimulants “to stimulate the price rise.

In the second half of 2017, Binance took the lead in launching coin-coin trading and grew into a new first-tier crypto giant in half a year. Other exchanges also followed suit, eventually spawning a bull market. ” The major trading platform at the top of the cryptocurrency industry always has huge energy and discourse power which determines the direction of this world without order.

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