Bitcoin-Like Digital Asset Ranks Fourth Among Chinese Investor’s Favorite Investment Products

Digital asset represented by Bitcoin has ranked fourth on the popularity list for Chinese investors, according to a recent report by Duxiaoman Financial, China’s search giant Baidu’s fintech arm that provides short-term loans and investment services.

The report named 2019 National Investment and Financial Sentiment Index Report found that investment and financial management sentiment remained high in 2019, with stocks, real estate and insurance receiving the highest attention, followed by digital assets represented by Bitcoin and blockchain related assets as the fourth most popular investment category.

It is notable that Chinese investors have preferred bitcoin-like digital assets to gold and public funds in 2019, according to the report.

As per the sentiment curve in the report, other investments including commodity futures, foreign exchange, digital assets and blockchain concepts have suffered big swings in May when bitcoin started the bull run and later at the end of October after president Xi’s blockchain endorsement.

As Internet users are getting younger, the “post-1995 generation” has made a relatively high contribution to the index in various investment and financial products, accounting for 15%-29%. Among them, they take up the highest proportion of people who invest in digital assets (bitcoin, etc.) and Internet finance, with 29% and 27% respectively, indicating the preference of young people for these two types of investment and financial products.

The TGI (Target Group Index) of various investment and financial product sentiment indexes shows that those “post-1995” aged 18-24 are also the most “fashionable” in the field of investment and financial management. Besides Internet financial management, they also pay the most attention to digital assets. However, people born after 1985 and 1990 aged 25-34, seek more “stability” and pay more attention to insurance assets. The generation born in the 1980s and those born in the 1970s who are aged 35-44 are the most active stock speculators. In terms of gender differences in investment, women prefer bank financial products, insurance, public funds and public funds.

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