Justin Sun Only Blockchain Project Founder to Speak at Samsung’s Devs Conference

According to the published schedule (as at this writing) of the forthcoming Samsung Developer Conference 2019 to be held at the Silicon Valley, TRON is the only existing blockchain project that its founder will be given a slot to run a session at the top tech giant’s annual event.

The event’s website shows that the founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, will talk on “TRON, Blockchain, and Real-World Use Cases” going by his project’s description as having “one of the most profound and fastest growing blockchain ecosystems in the world”. The blockchain pioneer is expected to share his thoughts on “how to take blockchain to the masses” during the SDC19 session holding between Oct. 29 and 30.

Hey, @justinsuntron! We can’t wait to have you speak at #SDC19 and share what you’ve been up to with #blockchain tech. Devs, you won’t want to miss his session.

— SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS (@samsung_dev) October 9, 2019

TRON largest blockchain platform launched since 2017

While most of the sessions slated for the two-day event are mainly Samsung-related and the few that are about blockchain tend to have a generic focus, it is not immediately clear why Sun is selected to run a session. But it comes amid claims TRON has “become the largest blockchain platform that launched since 2017″ according to DApp.com in its market Q3 report. It also notes that TRON added 500,000 users on its mainnet until September making the smart contract platform now having over 3.7 million mainnet addresses and the second most popular network for building dApps.

In its Q3 dApp market overview, Asian cryptocurrency aggregator, CoinGecko, puts TRON behind Ethereum in terms of new user addition its 2019 Q3 Cryptocurrency Report. However, just like Dapp, CoinGecko’s co-founder Bobby Ong maintains that Ethereum holds the grip on the decentralized finance (DeFi) market – regardless of other platforms’ activeness in various sectors – for its vast number of developers.

Samsung continues to woo blockchain players 

Aside events and intrioducing blockchain features on its device, Samsung has been reaching out to dApp developers to work with it and take advantage of its global reach to create needed awareness. At the ongoing fifth Ethereum Developer Conference (DevCon 5) in Japan, its Director of Blockchain Partnerships, Wook Lim, talked on why Samsung is getting into the blockchain business and how it is seeking to work together with the blockchain industry to increase the ecosystem so as to push what they believe is ” a fantastic technology further into the future”.

Wook shares that they, at Samsung, believe they have the right combination of what it takes to make blockchain reach out to more people. “The root of what we’re providing is really security, convenient security,” Wook says while touching on Samsung’s effort to leverage blockchain technology as one of its key device features. Samsung wants to combine the convenience of a hot wallet with the security of a cold wallet using a mobile security platform called Knox. This new feature, which seeks to address a challenge in the crypto space that has seen several wallets compromised and digital currencies stolen, is expected to appeal to the market.

“At the same time, on the dApp side, we’re trying to build out a dApp marketplace,” Wook adds, saying the marketplace would help create a location where users can access new dApps and leverage these products to grow the ecosystem.

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