Ethereum Hashrate May See 50% Drop as 4GB GPU Stop Mining ETH in Q4 2020

On February 24, Bitmain’s Antminer E3, the only Ethash algorithm ASIC device and once the most powerful hardware for Ethereum mining, was alleged to stop Ethereum mining in the coming April as a result of DAG file size increase to the upper limit of 4GB which the E3 runs on, according to altcoin mining pool 2Miners.

When mining Ethereum, each GPU requires to load a big file called DAG at the start of the mining process. As the DAG file grows every mining epoch (or 30,000 blocks) which is approximately 5 days, it is estimated that the memory capacity required to launch the DAG file will reach 4GB this December. Once the system doesn’t have enough VRAM, mining stops.


But the problem may be more pressing, because the memory of 4GB graphics cards is actually less than 4GB and the system takes up some space.

According to Song Xuejian, an ETH miner and CMO of cloud mining provider Beesbit, 4GB GPU mining rigs, which currently account for more than 60% of Ethereum hashrate, will be unable to mine this August.

Does this mean all these GPU machines will be outdated? “Not necessarily,” Song said, “miners have two ways to extend their serving time.”

Switch Windows system to Linux, as Linux uses less RAM than Windows. The problem is, there’s no test that says it works; increase memory size 4GB to 5GB, 6GB or 8GB, and it costs much, whether the upgrade is a good deal, it will depend on the price of Ethereum at that time.

But not all GPU miners are capable of upgrading their 4G graphics cards, so Song speculated that it’s highly likely that Ethereum hashrate will suffer a 50% drop in the second half of 2020. And these graphics cards phased out from Ethereum mining that would not like to turn into game cards may turn to mine small coins like Grin, BEAM, CKB, RVN, XMR, BTG, AION.

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