Iran Crypto Miners Scramble for a Share of Chinese Mining Machines

Recently, crypto mining machines are hard to get in China due to the rising hashrate of bitcoin, a measure of how hard it is to compete for mining rewards on the world’s first blockchain network – has posted its largest two-week increase in 12 months. Not only Chinese domestic miners snap up the mining machines, but Iran crypto miners are eyeing the Chinese crypto  mining machines.

Iran crypto miners willing to pay more money to get mining machines due to the low electricity charge in their country. In April 2019, Chinese miners found that electricity prices in Iran were very affordable (about 0.041 RMB/kw), many Chinese crypto miners migrate to Iran to mine.

”I have transported some miners to Iran with the help of these friendly customs officers, I declared the mining machines as a “different type of computer processor”. So far, I have transported 3,000 T9 ant miners to Iran, but there is still a large gap from my target of 20,000 mining machines.”

Said by Liu, a Chinese miner in Iran, mining farm in Iran are still in great demand of mining machines. Compared with the amount in China, the amount of mining machine in Iran is still much smaller.

The huge demand boosts the price of second-hand crypto mining machines. On the official websites of the three manufacturers, the mainstream Ant Series, Avalon Series and EBit Series mining machines have been sold out. The fastest delivery date of new mining machine is as late as in October.

On  official websites of Bitmain, apart from Ant S9 Hydro, all other types of mining machines have been sold out.

The under-capacity of crypto miner results in the short supply. And the under-capacity of  “wafer” results in the short supply of crypto miner. In fact, “wafer” is the material of chips production. Due to the short supply of “wafer”, the chips manufactures are unable to produce enough chips.

In less one year,  the half-cutting of bitcoin means the mining machines with high- hashrate will get more than that of low-hashrate. It is time to produce better mining machines in regard to the huge demand of crypto mining.

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