Chinese Crypto Miner Maker Didn’t Compensate Dealers for Delayed Delivery

Innosilicon, a China cryptocurrency mining machine manufacturer didn’t compensate dealers for delayed delivery, even replacing high-hashrate with low-hashrate bitcoin miner without any compensation.

Innosilicon is a China-based semiconductor manufacturer known for making cryptocurrency mining equipment. As bitcoin price is surging, more and more people believe the bull market is approaching. Many people rushed into the mining circle to become a new miner. And the old miners also add more mining machines to their carts, for a time the mining machines are in short supply. They believe mining by themselves can get the most stable profits. Many miner dealers started ordering mining machines from those manufacturers.

“Innosilicon miner T2T was reportedly has defect in electric supply. For the first time, the manufacturer gave an announcement for the delayed delivery, but for the second time, it told it privately. Online customer service tells us privately because they dare not announce publicly.”

Said by a dealer, the mining machines they ordered is 30T, but now Innosilicon plans to give them 28T miner without any compensation. According to the current market, the value of 30T is worth 9000 yuan. So per 2T is worth at least 600 yuan.

Now thousands of mining machines were delayed for delivery, many individual buyers are tired of waiting. But the manufacturer asked the dealer whether they choose to wait for delayed delivery or get 28T mining machines without any compensation. In the waiting period, the dealers and individual buyers lost profits every day.

Innosilicon said it will give priority to big customers, small customers must wait. But in fact these small customers make up big customers, big customers are all come from small customers. Obviously the manufacturer chose to shirk their responsibility.

As the market is booming, many people are waiting to snap up crypto mining machines. Now the demand has exceeds supply, the market is no longer a buyer’s market, but seller’s. Before ordering, the buyers must take care of the manufacturer they choose.

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