The Best Cryptocurrency to Mine with GPU and Issues GPU miners May Concern

In a recent livestream of F2Pool, its CMO Li Qingfei talked about the issues GPU miners concern most based on more than 2,000 surveys they collected. F2Pool, supporting 41 cryptocurrencies mining, is the world’s second largest crypto mining pool.

Li first gave a brief introduction about the mainstream GPUs for mining. The most popular AMD cards including RX470/480/570/580 feature high cost-performance for mining. That’s a reason its R series is always in shortage globally. Its high-end Vega series, priced ranging from 6,000 to 7,000 yuan, much expensive than the R series but also with much higher efficiency, could deliver about 50% more hashrate than R series cards.

As for Nvidia cards, GeFox GTX 1080Ti/1080/1070Ti/1070/1060/1163(stop mining ETH for its 3GB memory)/1166/1050 are its most popular series for miners. According to Li, among them, GTX1166 (6G) is most sought-after by miners, accounting for 30% of the mining Nvidia cards. While its updated RTX series including RTX2080/2080Ti/2070Ti are actually not that preferred for miners but game players. Its high-end series Titan, is nearly three times the hashrate output of the AMD RX series, but the price is terrifying at around 20,000 yuan, irrational for mining.

When it comes to the best coin to mine with GPUs, for the most part, AMD cards are better when it comes to ETH mining, whereas Nvidia is more friendly to some small coins. According to Li, the Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork has shown little influence on ETH miners’ profit, but warns that mining profit may decline in the upcoming wet season unless miners could find cheaper electricity. It is suggested by the pool to seize the chance to mine new coins in early days. New coins like Grin and Beam usually pay better with Nvidia’s GTX 1060/1070.

Li estimated that 60% of the mining GPUs are focusing on ETH mining, but GPUs with 4GB memory is expected to stop mining ETH in the near future, maybe in less than half a year, as the size of ETH’s DAG file, a data block of considerable size that is loaded into the GPU memory during miner launch, will increase to over 4GB in about half a year. As soon as the system doesn’t have enough VRAM to launch the DAG file, mining stops.

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