Sparkpool Returns Half of 2,100 Ether Mining Reward to the Sender

China-based Ethereum mining pool Sparkpool has verified the sender of an abnormally high transaction fees and agreed to return half, according to a statement from Sparkpool.

On February 25, 6 days after Sparkpool received the 2,100 ETH(worth $300,000 at the time) reward for mining one single block, the mining pool received an anonymous email,indicating that they had mistakenly sent the large amount of ETH for transaction fee.

To verify the emailer was the sender of the payment, Sparkpool asked the person to send 0.22517 ETH to the pool’s addressing using the same address
(0x587ecf600d304f831201c30ea0845118dd57516e) from which the transaction was made.

The owner of the 0x587 address sent the requested amount of ETH on the same day to confirm his identity, after which Sparkpool started to negotiate with the sender for a solution. According to Sparkpool, the sender is from a South Korean blockchain firm.

The two parties finally agreed to split the amount with Sparkpool returning half of the 2100 ETH to the sender while the remaining half left for pool miners who are entitled for the reward.

The South Korean firm was required to send another transaction of 0.666 ETH to Sparkpool with the same 0x587 address for confirming the agreed split. What’s interesting is that the second transaction contained a coded paragraph , saying that: “Thank you SparkPool and your miners for helping us to recover our loss, we are willing to share half of 2,100 ETH with the miners to thanks the miners’ integrity.”

Sparkpool, the second largest Ethereum mining pool with 33.60 TH/s of hash rate, returned the remaining 1050 ETH to the sender on March 11 , and are allocating the other half to miners today.

When the abnormal transaction fee hit the headlines, some speculated it was used for money laundering , while some others said it was likely a result of a buggy bot. Sparkpool temporarily froze the mysteriously large amount of mining reward immediately after receiving it and waited for the sender to contact them for a solution.

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