GPU In Great Shortage, Supplier To Work Overtime In Spring Festival

Out of stock, out of stock, out of stock!” is the situation of the recent graphics card market all over the world. Bitcoin miners from mainland China, Russia, Japan are enthusiastically grabbing GPUs and surging demand from eSports are the main reasons for that. The big name of graphics card supplier AMD promises to step up production, and its Taiwan-based supplier even will work during the Chinese Spring Festival.

GPUs become the hot cake

Both the market of eSports and mining rigs are on explosive growth, resulting in the global supply shortage as well as price soaring of GPUs. Eyeing on the lucrative profit of bitcoin, bitcoin miners are lavishing on this “cash printer”, plus the actual production and storage of GPUs are limited, these two factors make the stock-out problem worse.

Bitcoin price is still high despite the recent correction, and the features of bitcoin make miners firmly believe that bitcoin will go soaring and thus continue to buy in components of mining rigs like motherboard and graphics card.

An insiders said,

“The cost of bitcoin mining mainly lies in payment for electricity consumption, and cost for motherboard and graphics card come next. So many miners seize the winter time to mine more by purchasing more mining rigs as it is the best time in a year for mining rigs’ keeping cool and efficient in winter, which, of course, intensify the supply shortage of GPUs.”

Work overtime in Spring Festival

Graphics card is eagerly sought in these days. It is said many GPU providers arrange shipment by air to deliver the product to clients as soon as possible. Though the manufacturer is working overtime to increase output, and shortening the delivery time by air shipment, the demand for GPUs can still not be satisfied.

AMD admitted recently that its Radeon GPU is currently in severe short supply. To meet the growing demand of clients, AMD is trying its best.

Industry participant in Taiwan disclosed,

“GPUs have been running out of stock since Q3 of 2017, and it is now in a more severe situation. Manufacturers like KY (VGA Cooler maker), MSI and Gigabyte are all racing to increase production even in Spring Festival. If you are a new face to the provider, he will not sell you any GPUs.”

Ye Peicheng, President of Gigabyte, said,

“GPU price has been increasing since Q3 2017 and it has been increased by 10% for twice. It will keep rising after the Lunar New Year.”


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