HTC to Launch 2nd-Gen Blockchain Smartphone in 2019 After Its Exodus 1 Met Company’s Expectation

Taiwanese phone maker HTC has revealed its plan to launch a second-generation blockchain-focused smartphone before the end of 2019, reported local news outlet Digitimes on April 29.

According to the company’s chief decentralized officer Phil Chen, the plan is an effort to boost its smartphone sales and meanwhile continue to expand its blockchain ecosystem.

The has-been smartphone giant unveiled its first blockchain-powered Android smartphone in October last year. Dubbed Exodus 1, the gadget’s target audience falls among the about 30 million cryptocurrency wallet owners.

“The sales performance of its first-generation Exodus 1 blockchain-powered phone met the company’s expectations.” Chen revealed,

“In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency users, there is also considerable demand for the Exodus 1 from new startups which engage in cryptocurrency trading more frequently.”

The company has bet on blockchain to revitalize its shrinking mobile business which has less than 1% market share nowadays from over 10% in its heydays. It seems the company’s efforts in the crypto niche have somewhat paid off. While according to its financial figures in 2018, HTC has seen a 61.78% slump in its annual income from the previous year.

Prior to HTC’s Exodus models, Sirin Labs has unveiled the Finney phone with a wallet for cryptocurrency storage along with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency. Their participation in the crypto trend is encouraging other players in the market. Earlier this year, smartphone giant Samsung revealed its flagship phone Galaxy S10 would have a cryptocurrency wallet built in.

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