New Dapp on EOS Allows Users to Share Profits

Would you like to participate in a Dapp game where the players can decide the transaction price and choose different ways of profits, becoming the shareholder of the game?

Decentralized applications (Dapps) are applications that run on a P2P network of computers rather than a single computer. Dapps have existed since the advent of P2P networks. They are a type of software program designed to exist on the Internet in a way that is not controlled by any single entity.

Decentralized applications don’t necessarily need to run on top of a blockchain network. BitTorrent, Popcorn Time, BitMessage, Tor, are all traditional dApps that run on a P2P network, but not on a Blockchain (which is a specific kind of P2P network).As opposed to simple smart contracts, in the classic sense of Bitcoin, that sends money from A to B, Dapps have an unlimited number of participants on all sides of the market.

The second half of 2018 was the heyday of the gambling DApp’s bubble. After that, the boom quickly dissipated due to security bugs and speculative games. With more and more companies joining in IBM’s supply chain applications, the public is expected to enhance their recognition of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This year DApp will enjoy more fruits.

The value of the public chain depends on the market demand, the on-chain development and the number of users. The total number of DApp increased from 356 in 2017 to 3359 in 2019. Among them, DApp on ETH, EOS and TRON is the most active, showing that DApp ecology is an indispensable part of blockchain.

According to DappRader’s data in June, gambling Dapp games are on top 3 of all DApp on ETH, EOS and TRON. but they are becoming less popular. DApps with strong game attributes and profit model like EOS Dynasty, HyperSnakes are among the top five.

That means that the era of short-term speculative gambling Dapp games has passed, and DApp games with strong gameplay and user-friendly will become popular among users. User-friendly Dapp providing users with game revenue are rare. More importantly, there are fewer and fewer DApps with credibility, data-transparency, and money security.

A new Dapp on EOS allows users to share profits, Dinosaur Kingdom is the easiest money-making gaming DApp, as you can get big bonus and rich rewards from incubating dinosaurs and selling dinosaur eggs directly. Dinosaur Kingdom is the first decentralized game(dGame) on EOS developed and released by IEG,  The dGame enables players to trade with EOS and ensures them to gain revenue from playing the dGame, owing to its principles that playing is mining and tokens brings dividend. Besides, rules and rewards could be queried on the EOS mainnet, open, clear and fair.

EOS has some good Dapps and unless its progress is obstructed by its security issues or block producers mechanism, EOS can definitely be an enviable platform for Dapps.

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