Regulation Could be Driving Blockchain Events From Asia to Europe

From France to The Netherlands, Europe seems to be bracing up to the challenge to outdo Asia in hosting high-quality blockchain events in 2019 owing to regulatory developments, an industry insider said.

Karim Sabba, the co-founder of Paris Blockchain Week shares a view in line with a report that despite the recent crypto market downturn, crypto and blockchain-related events continue to thrive. He points out organizers in Europe have been able to deliver high-quality events at strategic locations by securing expert speakers in relative fields and focusing on timely topics.

“Not too long ago, Asia was a hotbed for blockchain-focused events but recently Europe has taken the reins and is emerging as a leader in digital assets,” he says. “This shift towards Europe as a blockchain hub is in line with recent regulatory developments in certain jurisdictions.

“For example, France is showing immense potential as a destination for blockchain innovation as the French government has proposed a €500 million investment to develop the country’s ecosystem in the next three years, along with the recent passing of the PACTE law which defines the regulation of digital assets. As a result, we may see an even greater number of blockchain events in Europe.”

The push among European countries for regulation and innovation in the blockchain space has helped gain the support of local governments. Hence, Europe has seen – and is likely to continue to  see – high demand for and play host to top events like the world’s largest blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) hackathon, Odyssey.

However, as it was the case in 2018 when top Asian countries like China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan showed keen interest in the blockchain technology, the key players are still upping their game.

As the Europeans push ahead with the agenda to produce engaging content and facilitate invaluable networking opportunities, the Asian continent is still set to host a variety of blockchain events as the second quarter approaches. For instance, a main industry-related event, the World Blockchain Summit, is slated to hold next month in Taiwan. The top speakers scheduled to grace the event – including’s Roger Ver, venture capitalist Tim Draper and computer scientist John Mcafee as well as HTC’s Phil Chen – speak volume of the scale of the global gathering they could be trying to attract.

Hopefully, 2019 would see a friendlier sentiment for blockchain to arouse more interest and help revive the industry’s momentum.

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