CBD Forum Release First Blockchain Reference Architecture(BRA)

15th May, Hangzhou-On the Hangzhou Summit of Blockchain Technology and Application 2017, the first Blockchain Reference Architecture (BRA) was officially released by CBD Forum. The document is drafted by 13 heavyweight entities in China and 5 companies have been tested in line with the framework.

2016 is the Year One of blockchain adoption in China. Many blockchain startups exit from stealth mode for more opportunities. Features built upon blockchain are being developed but few are focus on the bottom layer.
In order to formulate a blockchain standard for coordination and provide a standard reference point for the definition of blockchain, the first blockchain standard “Blockchain Reference Architecture” (BRA) was officially released, in which blockchain is defined as:

Blockchain is a model of implementing business management in a peer-to-peer network environment, capable of constructing immutable, un-forgeable and traceable block-based data structures with transparent and trusted protocols.

The BRA standard defines terms and definitions related to blockchain. The standard also specifies reference architecture, characteristics and deployment pattern of blockchain and DLT(distributed Ledger Technology). The standard describes the ecosystem of the blockchain community, serving a reference guideline for various businesses when picking blockchain service.
It’s noteworthy that the authority has long been concerned about the development of blockchain. Li Ying, official from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT), said:

Blockchain is evolving in rapid pace. China has a certain condition for technology and industrial development. With high market and business participation, now is the important window for its development and implementation. MIIT will promote theoretical study and practical applications through effective policies.

It is reported that last year the International Standardization Organization set up a blockchain and distributed books technology standardization organization, which is referred to as “ISO / TC307“. In March 2017, the National Standards Committee of China appointed that the China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute would be the counterpart to work with ISO / TC307. In April this year, representatives of the Institute participated in meeting with the International Standards Working Group.
The “Blockchain Reference Architecture” includes overview of reference architecture, user interface, features interface, relations between user interface and features interface, as well as overview of blockchain and DLT.
In the BRA, the roles of Blockchain Service Client (BSC), Block Chain Service Provider (BSP) and Block Chain Service Association (BSR) are defined in the user interface, along with fifteen sub-roles and their activities.
The standard is compiled by 13 entities, including China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute, Ant Finance, Zhong An technology, Wanxiang Blockchain and China Ping An and others. Zhong An Technology, Leshilian IT (Beijing), Beijing Ruizhuo Xitou Technology Development, Shanghai Fenbu Information Technology and Hangzhou Vechain Technology are the first 5 companies that passed the framework test.

Australia has released its blockchain standard roadmap in March 2017. The BRA released this time might be the first of its kind.


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