Qtum’s Amazing Crowdsale: 9M USD worth raised in 90 minutes

9 mllion USD worth of BTC and ETH has been raised within 90 minutes for the crowdsale of Qtum, the most discussed and focused  Blockchain project of China in 2017 as it has officially kicked off on March, 16th, , GMT 12:00pm (Beijing Time 20:00). At the press time, Qtum’s crowdsale has reached 81% milestone of the total 51,000,000 Qtum token that are planed to distributed in the crowdsale. The funds are composed of 8,999 BTC and 6,4731ETH, worth of more than 12 million  USD.

When interviewed exclusively by 8btc, Patrick Dai, the cofounder of Qtum has expressed his gratitude to the power of the community:

“I expected the recognition. But when all things happened in such an amazing way, I  couldn’t help but appreciate the power and dynamics of Chinese and Global community.”

As for the question that whether the crowdsale will end in advance if all 51,000,000 Qtum tokens  are sold out before April 15th, Patrick confirmed it by saying:

“We will put an end to the crowdsale if it reaches the target.”

Currently the crowdsale is still underway and is seeing more in-coming investors.

Investment outside China is also fastly contributing to the crowdsale.

Here is the officially recommended platform for overseas investors of Qtum.


qtum.bizhongchou.com is the exclusive site owned by bizhongchou.com for overseas investors while Bizhongchou.com is a crowdfunding site affiliated to 8btc focusing on Chinese investors.

Please first register on news.8btc.com to gain an account which can be used on qtum.bizhongchou.com for qtum investment.

Please also join Qtum’s official Slack Gruop to meet Qtum team and 8btc for more updated information and discussion.  qtumnexus.slack.com 


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