Wanda’s Polaris platform aims to lead the China’s blockchain industry

Ji Zhoudong, GM of Wanda Feifan Technology Research Center, revealed the ambitious plan on blockchain technology of Wanda Group in the Shanghai Hyperledger Hackathon last Saturday. This is the first time Wanda Group has disclosed the overall layout in the blockchain arena. Wanda has initiated blockchain deployment in terms of community, standard, technology and applications since 2016.

Ji Zhoudong, GM of Wanda Feifan Technology Research Center. photo credit: gongxiangcj

Being open source is the key element if blockchain technology ever wants to be successful in the future.

“Wanda attaches great importance to open source, the core of which is to foster technology maturity through community, openness, collaboration and sharing. Issues encountered during the communication will eventually lead to enlightening business ideas. “

Ji Zhoudong said.
From an international perspective, Wanda officially joined the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project in August 2016, becoming the only board member from China. So far there are seven code contributors, over 25 submissions for Fabric, more than 10 submissions for CA and SDK. A proposal for the JavaScript contract model was submitted for the Fabric framework upgrade. At the same time, Wanda conducted substantial POC validation for other projects in the community, including Iroha, Cello. Wanda reconstructs the Blockchain Explorer using python. As the Chairman of China Hyperledger Project, Wanda has actively engaged in hosting meetups and Hackathon and took the initiative to invite three entities that are seeking transition to be members of the Hyperledger project.

From the domestic point of view, Wanda signed in as Vice Chairman Unit of Blockchain Industry and Technology Forum in September 2016, which is organized by Ministry of Industry and Information. Wanda also actively drafting the Chinese version of blockchain white paper. Six typical application scenarios and the panoramic vision were released. In last November, Wanda kicked off the compiling of technical structure of blockchain and distributed ledger. In December, the blockchain open source project and public chain test evaluation program was launched. At present, the Openchain open source project library is being sorted with the open source working group of the Ministry of Industry and Information. And in May 2017, Wanda will co-host the blockchain Devcon.

Secondly, Ji said that Wanda have made the following two achievements in the blockchain standardization. Wanda took part in the drafting of blockchain and distributed leger technology DLT, which, after three rounds of revision, has now entered the stage of panel consultation. Secondly, Wanda, as a member of the Chinese delegation, will participate in ISO / TC 307 Blockchain and electronic distributed ledger technologies held in Australia in April. Wanda will submit the Chinese version of blockchain standardization, including technical reference structure and the white paper.
Thirdly, as per a simple survey, Wanda discovered that almost no companies could ultimately become a market winner when a technology reaches its full maturity. Therefore it’s the right time to enter the blockchain realm. At present, the overall blockchain solution of Wanda Network is called Polaris platform.

Polaris platform of Wanda Group photo credit: gongxiangcj 

The fourth part is the blockchain application. Currently the vision that Wanda have includes blockchain-based smart supply chain, blockchain-based smart medication, blockchain-based exchange and blockchain electronic invoice.
Basically, these are the 4 directions that Wanda finds promising and the ambition of taking the leading role in China Blockchain Industry couldn’t be more obvious. However, with BAT(Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) lurking behind, it’s still too early to tell the dominant player in China.

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