Blockchain +VR Games: Antshare cooperate with Game developer Mngo VR

It is highly expected that in 2017 Blockchain will continue its fast development as in 2016.

Apart from the application of Blockchain in finance industry like the digital promissory notes project initiated by Onchain and China Union Pay and Hyperledger-based project by China’s Postal Bank of China and IBM, 2017 may witness another application in gaming industry.

Antshare, considered the first ever China-original public chain project with a considerable international influence, announces its cooperation with Mngo VR, a VR game development company. Mngo VR is a Chinese company committed to developing leisure and competition game suitable for people of different ages. It focuses on both online and offline markets with a mission to diversify people’s leisure time via technology. BombU, developed by Mngo and available on Steam VR, has gained great sales and is regarded as one of the best VR game on Vive. The game has ranked the 3rd in the Global VR Challenge in 2016.

When interviewed by 8btc for why Mngo explore combination of Blockchain and game, Mr. Gaoyuan, the senior manager of Mngo VR told us:

“The goal of Mngo is to build a world of West wolrd or Matrix. It will be a virtual world that will help players realize their dreams. Players can create and trade various virtual goods and contents (like weapons, maps, buildings, roles, skins, garment or even image, music and video). In the sense, the token system based on Blockchain system can help protect the IP of virtual contents created by players. Thus forming a fair, transparent, efficient, and cost-effective environment for the trade in the game. Blockchain technology will also facilitate our cooperation with other companies in building this virtual world.

Our game contain the competition element. The game data transmitted and stored on a Blockchain platform will significantly guarantee fairness of a competitive game. This will lay a solid foundation for more professional competition game and guess of the game results.

Actually Firstblood is the first ever Blockchain-based game project in the world and has gained 5million USD during its ICO. However, FirstBlood teams are actually not game developers and can not gained enough support from ethereum foundation like Mngo can gain from Antshare. Mr. gao continues:

 “Antshare is the most professional and most influential Blockchain solution provider. It has leading technology and a big community. It is the business mode and technology of Antshare that has convince us to cooperate with them.

Furthermore, in the game industry, contents provider can get 30% of the profits while the distributors can gain 70% of the profits. The monopoly of the distributor will delay the feedback of the game from player to developers, weaken the correct evaluation of the game or even deprive the control of developers over the game during the whole development process. Mngo VR will distribute the game by itself and team with companies in USA to facilitate the overseas part of development and distribution.

Therefore, I believe the cooperation between Mngo VR and Antshare is a way to explore game development, trade of game inventories and social platform based on Blockchain technology. With Steam or TGP, Antshare Blockchain can help with ownership confirmation, inventory protection and trade. The economic mode of the game could be the one of Blockchain, achieving the tokenization of the issuance and circulation of the coins in the game. More importantly, the game plat form like this will greatly reduce the risks of fraud trade and game cheating in the rating system. This will form a virtuous circle-developers will devote more to developing the game as they have the real feedbacks. Developers and players have less risks and costs.”

Currently, the first game originated from the cooperation between Mngo VR and Onchain is under way. Mr. Gao disclosed that the game will contain elements of Chinese myths, the operation logic of MountBlade and the game mode of H1Z1 and will support the most updated VR equipments.

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