Swissquote another bank jumps to the Bitcoin train


Another bank is jumping onto the Bitcoin train: from now on, the online bank Swissquote offers investments in the virtual currency Bitcoin on its trading platform.

Swissquote is thus the first European online bank with this offer, writes the institute in a communication from Friday. Among the traditional banks, the Falcon Private Bank announced on Wednesday that it would enable its customers to invest in the crypt diet.

Bitcoin against Euro or Dollar

Many investors were interested in cryptorptions, but they did not dare to enter, since the providers are not very well known and often demand a transfer to a foreign account, writes Swissquote.

The online bank cooperates with the Luxembourg company Bitstamp for its offer. According to the announcement, Bitstamp is the first and only exchange platform that has received a license from the EU for bitcoin trading.

Swissquote customers can buy Bitcoin against Euro or US Dollar. However, you can not use additional leverage, as in other currencies. The minimum amount for a bitcoin transaction is $ 5 or $ 5, the maximum amount is $ 100,000 or $. The cost is based on the amount of the transaction and is between 0.5 and 1 percent of the invested amount.

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